About This Site

The WP hub will help you find quality resources and develop your knowledge of and skills with WordPress.

The WP hub is your starting point for learning all about WordPress

This site is a hub for the best resources on WordPress including tutorials, articles, videos, tips, reviews and more. I don’t publish resources on the site itself: instead I provide hundreds of links to the best WordPress content around the web. This isn’t an aggregator or a content scraper: it’s a curated hub consisting of links to up to date, accurate content.

Whether you’re a WordPress user, implementer or developer, if you’re new to the platform or you’ve been developing with it for years, you’ll find resources for you.

Narrow down the topic you need to learn about, use one of the hub’s structured learning programmes or find quality resources on your favourite WordPress-related topic.

Everything’s curated and checked to be up to date so it’s better than a Google search anyday.

About Me

rachel-mccollin-jan2015-tutsplusI’m Rachel McCollin and I’m a WordPress user, developer and writer.

I’ve spent countless hours trawling the internet for high quality tutorials or advice when I’ve been trying to solve problems with WordPress sites and learning new topics, and I find it really frustrating that it’s not always easy to tell what’s accurate and up to date.

It’s not easy

Most of the big WordPress sites, while full of great resources, are quite difficult to search and don’t provide any sort of structured list of the resources you’d need to use if you want to learn how to get started with WordPress, for example, or how to build your own plugin.

So I created the WP hub

They say that the best ideas come from an itch that the developer decides they have to scratch and the WP hub is me scratching that itch.

I’m constantly adding new resources to this site covering a wide range of topics from those for beginners to those for advanced developers, and as new stuff is always being published, I’ll be adding the best new content here on a regular basis. I’m a human being with a day job, a family and a life outside both of these so I can’t promise that there’ll be new stuff on here every single week, but I will aim to update the site every week when I can.

The site is designed to be a community resource: it’s got some advertising but it’s not designed as a business venture. Please click on those ads if you like the site as they help me earn a living!

Tell me what you think!

If you’ve got ideas for how I could make the hub better or feedback on any of the resources contained on the site, please either leave a review against the relevant resource or fill in the form below. No spamming or trolls please!


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Whatever you need to learn about, you'll find it here

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