10 compelling reasons why you need a WordPress website

WordPress comes with thousands of features, themes, plugins and other tools. These things make WordPress the best CMS. These tools make it easy for you to run your website.

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Why use WordPress?

There are several reasons to go for WordPress. But, here we have listed out 10 compelling reasons why WordPress is the best choice for you.

1. WordPress comes with a wide range of themes

Depending on your needs and demands, WordPress gives you thousands of themes to choose from. With WordPress there is no need to hire any designer to design your site, WordPress has got it all for you without spending a single penny. Most of these customizable themes are available free of cost while some are available at affordable prices.

2. WordPress has easy maintenance

To run a WordPress blog or site you don’t need to learn any computer coding. WordPress ensures that even a beginner can handle WordPress without having any problem. It’s just a matter of few steps to be followed after purchasing the proper domain and hosting to make your site active.

3. WordPress is safe and secured

With hackers always on their way to find ways for their mischevious. It’s important to secure your website and WordPress is made all for it.

With regular updates and safety measures from the WordPress ensures high-level protection from intruders.

4. WordPress is open source

WordPress is available free of cost from its official website. You just need to download it and install it on your hosting. WordPress gives you the freedom to host your website on any hosting service. There is not a single restriction or limitation in your hosting website.

5. Mobile and tablet friendly sites

A huge percentage of users use their smartphones to surf the web. In such a trending era of smartphones and tablets, WordPress development services make sure your site doesn’t lag back because of any failure or if the user interface is lagging behind or being irresponsive.

WordPress provides you with the tools to design your website in such a way so that it’s compatible for running on either phone tablets or computers.

6. WordPress is 99% SEO friendly

Search engines such as Google and others show results based on certain factors. The higher the factors your website possesses, the higher the chances that your website will be ranked high in the search engines.

WordPress offers you a wide range of plugins that help your site to enhance your site Search engine rank.

Availability of a wide range of SEO plugins and other is one of the main reasons why WordPress became the number one choice for millions.

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7. WordPress supports any type of website.

Whether it is a blog or an e-commerce site or a forum or just a membership site, WordPress offers you to design any type of website. To make eCommerce easy and simple, WordPress has plugins like woo-commerce.

For all types of sites, WordPress has got appropriate themes. If you want to add multiple users or just a contributor, WordPress makes it easy to do it with a few clicks.

8. WordPress can handle different type of multimedia

WordPress uses WYSIWYG text editor which makes it possible for you to insert multimedia such as images or videos into your site. In addition to images and videos, you can also add audio files to your site pages and posts with just a single click. It even allows you to edit them as you want. You can also add Youtube video/ channel or Instagram post/handle or other social media handles or posts by just pasting their URL in the post editor.

9. WordPress has a robust and helpful community

The WordPress development agency has a community comprising of thousands of users and developers. WordPress also has a support forum providing answers to numerous queries and solutions for troubleshooting many of your problems. Post your query and get quick solutions or search your query if its already answered.

Because of the popularity of WordPress, you can also find solutions to your problems from various other forums.

10. WordPress has become popular and matured

For a long time now WordPress has been going through a lot of changes, tests, updates and has made it be among the leading website tools. WordPress gets better with every upgrade.

The popularity of WordPress has made many things easy and simple. You can make your website within a few minutes with the availability of numerous online courses and video tutorials. You can troubleshoot and fix problems without hiring a developer or spending money by just following a video tutorial.


While there are a lot of Content Management systems available on the web like Drupal, Joomla, Magneto, etc. WordPress seems to be the one leading it from the top. With the availability of a marketplace of top-class themes and plugins, WordPress comes up as the best solution for the beginners. With WordPress, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a programmer or not, but you can be a blogger or you can have your website without doing much.

We have discussed “10 compelling reasons why you need a WordPress website”. There are other reasons as well. But it all comes down to one conclusion, WordPress is worth it.

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