How to create a site with WordPress in 10 minutes

Before starting your journey, you need to learn some basics regarding the WordPress and WordPress site. Basics will make your concepts clear and will save you from making mistakes.

What is a web site?

A website is a series of different pages hosted on a server and anyone around the world can link to and surf those pages. A few years before, creating a site would require programming each page with HTML, CSS. and other codes. But thanks to WordPress for making it easy for everyone to create a site.

There are basically two main types of websites.


A static site is a type of site written in plain HTML and the data that is displaced to the user is actually what is in the written code.


A dynamic site is written using a server-side scripting language like PHP, ASP, JSP, or Coldfusion. In a dynamic site, the date displayed to the user is brought in by the scripting language from other files or from a database solely depending on the actions taken by the user.

What is WordPress?

While you’re planning to create a site with WordPress. you might be already aware of WordPress. WordPress is the most famous content management system. WordPress has revolutionised cms with tremendous work savings both for creation and management.
The best thing about WordPress is that you can create a web page as you like, you can include images, videos and more, even without knowing a single thing about programming a line of code.

Understanding wordpress.com and wordpress.org

Although, both wordpress.org and wordpress.com are different services, but are based on the same software WordPress. Let’s understand them.


  • A blog created with wordpress.com is hosted on its servers, which means less control.
  • It will not be completely under your control, it’s not 100 % yours and there exist strong limitations to it.
  • You can create a free site on wordpress.com and get a third-level domain ( like yoursite.wordpress.com)
  • Installing a plugin is just another dream
  • You can only use certain themes.
  • You cannot create e-commerce, business or professional and full site.


  • You can download the WordPress software from wordpress.org completely free of charge. you can get lots of resources to build your site free.
  • On wp.org, you just need to download the WordPress software and install it on your hosting.

What do you need to create a WordPress site?

The things you’ll require to create a site on WordPress are.

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Installing a WordPress site


The domain is your website name like thewphub.com. The domain is actually a link with which users can find you and reach to display data from your site.
There are thousands of domain providers. Each of them providing domains including other services at different costs. In domain selling Godaddy and Namecheap are suggested and well known.


Hosting is a rental space where we can upload and build our site. there are many services providers in hosting. Hostinger, Godaddy, and BlueHost are the popular ones that provide hosting at affordable rates.

The hosting plan you purchase must be having enough space. It must be able to handle sufficient traffic.

Installing a WordPress site:

The easiest way to install WordPress on your site is through using your hosting panel. Hosting panels are much simple and allow you to install WordPress on your site with a single click.
To install WordPress on your site, go to your hosting panel, find WordPress installation and click on it. It gets installed in a couple of seconds.

Here is a pic that shows how to install WordPress on hosting Cpanel.

install wordpress on your hosting
Installing WordPress on hosting

Choosing a theme.

After installing WordPress on your site. Go to your WordPress dashboard. Click on appearance and then theme. Select a theme or upload it from your device.

uploading theme to your wordpress site
Uploading a theme to your WordPress site

Customizing your site:

Customising your WordPress site will take a little longer time. Depending on your choice of liking things, you can customise your site accordingly. Well, its a long topic and will take longer time than expected.


Though, with this tutorial, we learned how to create a site with WordPress. There are many more thing that you’ll need to learn if you want to turn your blog into a success. I would like to take them in the following posts. Remember, this is the first step and there are many more steps to cover.

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